tuned 是服务,需要使用 tuned-adm 打开工具进行操作。



sudo yum install tuned


--------------- On RHEL/CentOS 7 --------------- 
# systemctl start tuned         
# systemctl enable tuned    
# systemctl status tuned    
# systemctl stop tuned  


sudo apt install tuned



tuned-adm list
Available profiles:
- atomic-guest                - Optimize virtual guests based on the Atomic variant
- atomic-host                 - Optimize bare metal systems running the Atomic variant
- balanced                    - General non-specialized tuned profile
- cpu-partitioning            - Optimize for CPU partitioning
- default                     - Legacy default tuned profile
- desktop                     - Optimize for the desktop use-case
- desktop-powersave           - Optmize for the desktop use-case with power saving
- enterprise-storage          - Legacy profile for RHEL6, for RHEL7, please use throughput-performance profile
- laptop-ac-powersave         - Optimize for laptop with power savings
- laptop-battery-powersave    - Optimize laptop profile with more aggressive power saving
- latency-performance         - Optimize for deterministic performance at the cost of increased power consumption
- network-latency             - Optimize for deterministic performance at the cost of increased power consumption, focused on low latency network performance
- network-throughput          - Optimize for streaming network throughput, generally only necessary on older CPUs or 40G+ networks
- oracle                      - Optimize for Oracle RDBMS
- powersave                   - Optimize for low power consumption
- realtime                    - Optimize for realtime workloads
- realtime-virtual-guest      - Optimize for realtime workloads running within a KVM guest
- realtime-virtual-host       - Optimize for KVM guests running realtime workloads
- sap-hana                    - Optimize for SAP HANA
- sap-hana-vmware             - Optimize for SAP HANA running inside a VMware guest
- sap-netweaver               - Optimize for SAP NetWeaver
- server-powersave            - Optimize for server power savings
- spindown-disk               - Optimize for power saving by spinning-down rotational disks
- throughput-performance      - Broadly applicable tuning that provides excellent performance across a variety of common server workloads
- virtual-guest               - Optimize for running inside a virtual guest
- virtual-host                - Optimize for running KVM guests
Current active profile: network-latency


tuned-adm active


tuned-adm profile network-latency